Happy Fri-DIY

Hi Everyone!!

It’s been awhile – there’s been lots of things that have changed these past few months but I’m finally able to get back into doing what I love most!  Starting this blog was a way for me to share my crafts and favorite finds and I’m ready for round two.  I can’t imagine a better way than to have my welcome back post feature my latest DIY?!

You all know I’m a fan of making, not buying, my wreaths that embellish my front door.  It’s the simplest way to make a statement before your guests even enter your home!  Over the past few years, I’ve made numerous wreaths and I think this design is one of my favorites.

Supplies you’ll need (I purchased all of these at my local craft store):


  1. 16″ styrofoam wreath form
  2. glue gun/glue sticks
  3. textured yarn of your choice and
  4. your preference of embellishments (I used paper flowers, a couple strings of beads, and floral accents).

Step 1: Wrap your yarn tightly around the wreath form and every once and awhile apply some hot glue to ensure the yarn will stay in place.


Step 2: I needed to use two skeins of yarn, so I made sure to disguise the transition as best as I could.

Step 3: Once you’ve completely covered the wreath form it is time to start the hard part: the design phase!


Step 4: It took a few attempts but I finally got to the right layout I was looking for.  The next thing was to pick up my hot glue gun and carefully attach all of those pieces to the wreath.

Step 5:  I purposefully did not apply a small portion of my accent decor (the paper flowers).  I wanted to have an opportunity to look at the wreath and take time to augment as needed.  It’s true what they say, “it’s easier to add more then take away”.


Step 6:  After a couple of hours, it was time to hang up the wreath.  I love the texture, varying elements, and fun pop of color.

Stay tuned for more fun DIY posts!  I have a feeling that this year is going to be great and can’t wait to share it with you!